Feeling Fine!

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Fine jewellery can be in a bit of a thread in times of fast fashion and cheap adornments. Trends are changing quicker than weather and so are we. Trend-driven accessory collections, available by high-street retailers, are immensely popular with everyone from young teenagers to professionals, bloggers and celebrities.

Is there still a place for fine, precious jewellery?

In past, fine jewellery was very conservative in terms of design. It was means to last. Gold and silver were used on heirloom pieces, wedding bands and amulets, all done in the traditional way. However, as creative directors of old jewellery maisons change seats, the fine things are changing as well. All of the sudden the fines got trendier, bigger and they make a bigger statement. Repossi is a perfect example of modern fine jewellery.

When I browse though the pages of Vogue or Elle, I can see that fine jewellery is getting back on scene. It looks divine on hands of Hanelli Mustaparta or Elisa Sednaoui or you!

Gold flower bangles with rose quartz by Kay Konecna